Food Pantry

Henderson Equality Center Food Pantry

Hours and Location

The Henderson Equality Center Food Pantry is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2PM to 6 PM and Saturday 10AM to 1PM at 1490 W Sunset Rd, Suite 120 Henderson NV 89014.


  • Low Income
  • Families with Youth
  • HIV
  • TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program)

Food Pantry Guidelines

  • Clients are welcome to use the pantry once a week during a visit to the center.
  • The pantry is for the individual client needs and their immediate family members who live in the same household, not the entire neighborhood. We ask the clients take only what they will need and use.
  • A volunteer will help the client in the pantry and make suggestions and possible cooking ideas, we ask that clients do not open boxes or containers.
  • In addition to the refrigerators there may be additional cold or frozen items available in freezers.
  • Respect for each other is a courtesy that will be enforced, if you make a mess, we ask you to clean up your own mess. Help us, help you!
  • If you leave your canned goods or food items unattended, we are not responsible if someone else removes them or takes them.
  • You are welcome to take what you need – there may be restrictions on specific items, as to allow for more people to benefit from the abundance we may have. Clients who take food and then sell it will lose their privilege of using the pantry on their visits to the Henderson Equality Center.
  • When Henderson Equality Center is open the food pantry is usually open as well.

Pantry Items

One can usually find the following Pantry items on our shelves. Clients are allowed to shop for themselves in part of the pantry area, giving them the dignity to select what they need. Where items are limited, clients are given a sheet to check off the items they wish and then the volunteer staff members fill their requests from the supply in the back.

Shelved canned goods:

Shelving Bags, Packaged, Paper Boxes:

Glass and Plastic Items on Shelves:

Refrigeration Units Selection:

Freezer selections:

Toiletries that are available upon request if we have them: