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Henderson Pride Fest strives to be a fun, safe, and family-friendly event. We, therefore, require all contingents in the parade to adhere to the following rules:

Parade Theme: Henderson Pride Fest requires all participating contingents to reflect this year’s theme in an acceptable and tasteful manner.

Forward Motion: All contingents are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade. No stopping unless directed by Henderson Pride Fest staff. All performances or maneuvers must be “on the move.” NO GAPS between parade units of more than 30 feet.

Emergency Traffic Lane: Police and Fire Department traffic lanes must be kept open at all times. The law forbids parking vehicles, decorating units, practicing routines and / or forming walking groups in these lanes.

Throwing from Your Contingent: Parade participants may not throw any item into the crowds. This means you may not throw items from your unit, float, or auto. Items may be handed out. NOTE: A penalty of $150 for each infraction will be levied. If your entry is pulled from the parade; entry fees will not be refunded or returned.

Contingent Monitor: ALL contingents are required to supply at least one monitor for every 25 participants to assist Henderson Pride Fest officials while the parade is in progress. Any contingent without a monitor will not be able to participate. Their role is to 1) assist in the safety, specifically keeping the area in front of vehicles clear of pedestrians; 2) assist in the movement and pacing of the parade.

Nudity and Obscenity: Nudity and obscenity are not permitted as defined by Nevada State Code.  Violators may be subject to citation or arrest by the Henderson Police Department.

Solicitation: Contingents are not allowed to solicit money along the parade route.

Signs & Banners: In order to better facilitate parade announcements, a sign or banner providing the name of the organization / business must precede each contingent participating in the parade or the contingent shall have the name prominently displayed on their vehicle. Position number must be attached to your banner or vehicle window or carried by your designated parade liaison, whichever is most visible to announcers and video cameras. Position number should be posted on the upper right of the banner or on the front passenger window for a vehicle.

Animal Contingents: All animals must be on a leash and attended at all times. Each contingent with animals must provide clean-up for all waste created by the animals. Waste cannot be left on the streets. Violators will be immediately removed from the staging, parade, or dispersal area and assessed a $150 clean-up fee.  Please ensure you have water for all animals. Foot pads are required for your dogs.

Vehicle Breakdown: Towing charges for any contingent vehicle that becomes disabled and / or delays the Parade will be at the contingent’s expense.

Hold Harmless / Indemnity: All contingents are responsible for any and all acts and / or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents, marchers, volunteers and / or employees that may result in injury or damage to themselves their agents, marchers, volunteer and / or employees or to third parties. Contingents specifically agrees to indemnify and to hold Henderson Pride Fest and the City of Henderson and its agents, volunteers, and employees free and harmless and to defend it from any and all claims arising out of such acts or omissions.

Insurance & Driver’s License: Each contingent vehicle that enters the parade line-up area and / or participates in the parade must have liability insurance and the driver must have a valid driver’s license, proof of which must be submitted when registering for the parade.

Removal of Participants: Henderson Pride Fest reserves the right to remove any contingent and / or person(s) from the pre-parade staging area or parade that, in Pride’s opinion is offensive, a hindrance to the progress of the parade, places other participants in danger or violates any regulation of this application.

Safety Meeting: All Parade contingents are required to send at least one representative to one of the Parade Safety Meetings.

Third Party Businesses: Contingents and floats cannot be sponsored by or display logos or trademarks from third party businesses or organizations without the advance express written permission of Henderson Pride Fest.

Marching Together and Third-Party Reassignment: No contingent is allowed to participate as one or as part of another contingent without advance pre-parade registration and approval from Henderson Pride Fest. Any contingent “crashing” the parade will be removed immediately. Groups desiring to march with other groups must state that in the “Special Requests” field of the application. No parade entry may be reassigned to a third party without the express written approval of Henderson Pride Fest.

Drugs & Alcohol: It is illegal to possess or consume alcohol or drugs while participating on City of Henderson streets. Any illegal behaviors and / or violations of the law will not be tolerated in the Henderson Pride Fest Parade staging, route and dispersal area. You will be responsible for any fines, fees, arrests, injury, or imprisonment that may occur if you break these or any other laws. In addition, violations will be immediate cause for dismissal from the parade. Please discourage your participants from consuming any alcohol or drugs prior to or during the parade


  • Parade will start promptly at 9am
  • Parade Route: Mall Circle at Galleria Mall at Sunset
  • Parade staging: Staging areas will be assigned per parade entry location
  • Entries to be staged in their designated space by 8am
  • All autos and trucks must be decorated from window down (except special industrial equipment, antique autos and special interest autos). All cars must be clean and in working condition. All vehicles must have current registration and insurance. No more than 10 cars per entry.
  • All entries will be inspected in the parade staging area. If the entry does not meet these requirements, it will be disqualified from the parade.
  • MAXIMUM ENTRY WIDTH: 18ft. Entries are to be no wider than 18ft. Entries that include a vehicle or float with additional participants walking with entry must be prepared to have participants walking in front or behind vehicle/float. No walking on the left or right side of vehicle/float.
  • At the end of the parade all entries / participants are to travel to the disembarking zone. Participants are to follow directions back to parade staging, parking lots,. Participants are NOT TO WALK AGAINST PARADE ROUTE PROCESSION or through Parade Crowd / Spectators to reach their ending destination / parking / etc…
  • At the end of the parade at Water St. and Victory, all entries / participants are to travel West on Victory to exit parade route. Participants are to follow directions to designated disassembly area for disassembly.
  • Absolutely NO OPEN FLAME ON ANY ENTRY and NO objects may be thrown from parade entries. Those handing out objects to the crowds must hand out within crowd, NO THROWING ON STREET OR LEAVING IN STREET / GUTTER, objects to be handed to crowd over any barriers set within parade route, do not leave in street in front of barrier. Entry Participants are NOT TO approach floats when turning nor is climbing on or off of the float permitted. No participants are permitted to ride on the front bumpers of parade entries. NO heavy tractor/trailer combos are allowed as a parade entry. No alcohol/smoking/inappropriate language will be allowed in the parade or staging area or is to be consumed or carried by the parade participants during the parade. Violators will be disqualified by parade officials. All participants must be dressed in FAMILY ACCEPTABLE dress code. Also, there will be NO water guns, water balloons or spraying of water from entries.

  • Your parade number/area maps/staging location will be in your packet.

  • No more than 10 vehicles per entry for car club entries.

REFUND / CANCELLATION POLICY: Your parade contingent fee is NON-REFUNDABLE unless cancellation, IN WRITING, is received by Henderson Pride Fest before 5 pm on June 5, 2023.

No refunds will be issued based on contingent placement (no exceptions).

No refunds after May 10, 2023.

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